The Sale Room is a separate space just down the hall from our boutique, in the same downtown building as Blush. It is full of affordable off-the-rack wedding gown options! Most of them are consignment dresses that have been worn once and professionally dry-cleaned. There are also many lovely never-worn dresses from Blush that have been heavily discounted.

The Sale Room at Blush is a great option for a smaller budget, and is proud to up-cycle such special items through our environmentally friendly business.

We would be delighted to help you find your wedding gown.


If you have a gown you are interested in consigning, please send us an email! A simple photo is really helpful, along with any information you are able to provide. The dress will need to have been professionally dry cleaned, which we offer as a service here at the boutique.  As a general rule we only accept gowns that are a few seasons old, but there are exceptions for the right kind of dress!

We price the gowns so that they do indeed sell, and  would be delighted to try to help you with your wedding gown: you will receive 55% of the sale price.  Please email here to inquire further.